Rhodes East Coast Villages

Top Villages on the East Coast of Rhodes

Rhodes has 43 towns and villages in total. Outside of the main city of Rhodes the island is dotted with small villages and resorts. The most popular of them on the East Coast are Faliraki, Koskinou, Afandou, Archangelos, Lindos, Kolymbia, Haraki, Kalathos, Pefkos, Lardos and Kiotari.

Rhodes Faliraki


If summer holidays means beach, fun and great nightlife, then this village is definitely for you !
The beach at Faliraki is undoubtedly one of the best in the whole island, sandy, 4 km long, extending on the whole length of the resort.
At the most sounthern end of the main beach is the small fishing port of Faliraki. Today it is an idilic place where you can enjoy the wonderful view to the Faliraki beach and the small monastery of St. Apostolis.

Faliraki is well-known also as a resort of nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs on its main street opened through the whole night.

Rhodes Koskinou


Located only 6 km away from Rhodes Town, the village took its name from the former occupation of the inhabitants, who used to manufacture sieves ("koskina").
At the very first sight, the village is not particularly impressive - it is only when you will get into the labyrinth of narrow streets and you will find your path to the old part of Koskinou, that you will be charmed forever.
Your camera will love the beautiful doors of the village houses, painted in red, turquoise, blue and yellow, with carved designs, fine stone porches with arches and you will long for coolness of the lovely little cobbled-floors gardens.

Rhodes Afandou


This is one of the largest villages in Rhodes, with population of about 6000 people. It is located 18 km from the city of Rhodes.
Founded in the days when pirates were ravaging the Mediterranean, it is said that the village owes its name to the place where it was built. The name afantou, or afandou which in Greeks means invisible from sea. Afandou is an attractive traditional Greek village.

Afandou area has also the only Golf course in Rhodes Island, at a great location by the beach. It is an 18 hole course.

Rhodes Archangelo


Located 28km south of the town of Rhodes on the east coast of the island. Archangelos is a picturesque Moroccan- style craft village spread along a valley and one of the largest on the island of Rhodes. Its name derives from Archangel Michael who is also considered its patron.

You will be delighted to discover that in Archangelos people are still faithful to their local traditions - you can taste the local bread still baked in the wood fired ovens in the middle of the house yards, and hopefully you will get lucky to assist a local wedding ceremony, still held according to the traditional way.

Rhodes Kolymbia


One of the youngest resorts on the island, Kolymbia was little more than a collection of farmhousesans a couple of tavernas before its beach was 'discovered' in the late 1980s.

You will feel immediately attracted by this amazing place where everything harmonizes - even the hotels were designed to blend with the landscape, with their palm sprinkled gardens and infinity pools. The lush green environment is friendly and relaxing - take a peaceful walk along the long main avenue of Kolimbia and enjoy the surrounding eucalyptus trees.

Rhodes Haraki


This is a small fishing village located 38 km from Rhodes town and only 20km from Lindos. In addition to its fishing trade, Charaki is also a small holiday resort, with the usual tavernas and bars. Charaki has a small, picturesque bay with plenty of holiday apartments.

Close to the village is the medieval fortress of Feraklos and the marvelous sandy beach of Agathi with shallow and warm waters.

Rhodes Kalathos


The village is situated in Kalathos Bay, only 6km away from Lindos and 45km from the city of Rhodes.

It is a small traditional village with local population approximately 400 residents, which has kept its beauty.
Ideal for everybody looking for peace and quiet.

Rhodes Lindos


Lindos is both a beautiful traditional Greek village and an archeological site, under the protection of the Archeological Society.

It is located 50 km from Rhodes town. Lindos is hometown of one of the seven Sages of ancient Greece - tyrant Kleovoulos. It is a place where the ancient acropolis with the castle remind you of the ancient era. Place that will charm you with its white houses and narrow streets.

Rhodes Lardos


Lardos is a small village around 10km after the well known village of Lindos. The village is a typically greek and caters for the residents as much as the visitors with its popular cafe and bars around its village fountain.

Get lazy and find your perfect relaxation on the picturesque sandy Lardos beach, or try a snorkeling session in the clear waters of the Aegean - in the open sea, the coast surpass 4 km in depth, almost the deepest to find in the Greek seas.

Rhodes Pefkos


Pefkos or Pefki is a well-known beach resort located on the eastern coast of Rhodes. Only 3 km from Lindos, here you can always combine the perfect relaxation with an interlude of water sports and nightlife, or with a worthy ancient sightseeing in its much livelier neighbor village.

There are pine trees all over the village and this is where actually its name comes from ("pefki" is the Greek word for "pines").

Rhodes Kiotari


Consider Kiotari the ideal spot for your Rhodes holidays if you are looking for complete relaxation in a cosmopolitan and modern environment, with plenty of hotels offering full touristy facilities, and an almost private beach.

The resort is situated 60 km southern to Rhodes Town, on the eastern coast of the island, only a short drive away from the picturesque village of Lindos.

Rhodes Lachania


The village of Lachania is situated at the foot of the mountains that occupy the interior of the island, offering a panoramic view of the valleys stretching up to the sea. This is perhaps the most beautiful village on Rhodes and a total surprise to any visitor - a true postcard setting, a scene of absolute tranquility and harmony.